• Uniseal® Bouffantcaps

    SKU: 104

    UniSeal Unicap is UniSeal's latest contribution to internal and external protection from workplace contaminants. Woven with soft polypropylene and outfitted with an elastic band, Unicap provides uncompromising protection to the user and…

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  • Uniseal® Lab Coat

    SKU: 143

    Our Lab Coats are designed for comfort and constructed for durability. Made of high quality 50 GRM SMS material (Spunbond, Meltblown and Spunbond fused together for better protection while still…

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  • Uniseal® Shoe Covers

    SKU: 084

    UNISEAL® disposable shoe covers are a great way to keep dirt and other contaminants out of unwanted areas in hospitals, institutions, labs, clean room or other manufacturing facilities. Measurement: Length:…

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  • Uniseal® UniGown

    SKU: 071

    Protect yourself and patients with UniSeal Unigown: Uniseal's latest addition to the protective equipment line. Outfitted with waist straps, made up of soft polypropylene and offered in the yellow or…

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  • Uniseal® UniMask

    SKU: 711

    UNISEAL® SURGICAL FACE MASK, UNIMASK is made to provide healthcare practitioners the best protection and constructed with a breathable high filtration filter for comfortable use. UNIMASK ear loop masks combine…

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