Uniseal® UniMask Level 3

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UNIMASK® SURGICAL FACE MASK is made to provide healthcare practitioners the best protection and constructed with a breathable high filtration filter for comfortable use. UNIMASK® ear loop masks combine a unique fluid-resistant middle layer, with an ultra soft cellulose inner lining to provide superb breathability without compromising safety. UNIMASK® is latex free and made with hypoallergenic lining material made especially for sensitive skin. It will not lint, tear, shred, and void of dyes, inks, chemicals which are common causes of irritation.

Packaging Details:

  • Size: One Size
  • Inner Packaging: 50 Pieces/Box
  • Case Quantity: 10 Boxes/Case.
  • Case Dimensions: 20inch x 7inch x 8.5inch

Features :

  • 4-Ply with Ear Loop
  •  Blue Color
  •  Polypropylene Material
  •  Nylon soft stretch elasticity
  •  Superior Filtration
  •  100% free of fiber glass
  •  Fluid-resistant outer layer
  • Non-sterile
  • Made in Malaysia


Quality Standards :

Testing Methods

  • BFE 3µ > 99% PFE 0.1µ > 99% efficiency against virus, bacteria & airborne particles
  • Meets & Exceeds ASTM F2100-Level III
  • FDA Approved
  • Delta P, mm H2O/cm2< 5.0
  • Superior Fluid Resistance exceeds ASTM F186 = Specification @160mmHg


Additional information




Non-Woven , Polypropylene


Material (4 layers)

  • First Upper Layer: Blue Spunbound Polypropylene
  • Second Inner Layer: Blue Spunbound Polypropylene
  • Third Inner Layer: Melt Blown Non-Woven Cloth
  • Fourth Outer: White Spunbound Polypropylene


Nylon soft stretch


  • Width Across Face: 17.5cm +/- 0.3cm
  • Depth Pleated: 9.0cm +/- 0.3cm
  • Ear loop: 18.0cm +/- 0.3cm

#711-3 Unimask Spec Sheet



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