Uniseal® Nitrile Plus X-tend®

SKU: 156

UniSeal® Nitrile Plus Extend® Exam Gloves offer the most advanced nitrile formulation. Experience the soft feel that makes wearing this glove extremely comfortable without compromising safety or protection. With the addition of the UniSeal® Nitrile Plus Extended® 12” extended cuff, these 6 mil gloves give you added safety and protection that you normally don’t receive in a 6 mil glove.

Special Features

  • 6 mil thickness
  • 12 inch extended cuff
  • Textured finish for superior grip
  • Latex-free
  • Ambidextrous
  • Tested for use with certain Chemotherapy drugs and Fentanyl per ASTM D6978

Quality Standard:

  • Meets or exceeds the following standards: ASTM D6319 (USA), ASTM D5151, EN 455 (1&2),AS 40 (Australia), FDA, CE
  • Quality sampled in accordance with MIL STD 105E
  • Passes 200 Human Modified Draize Skin Allergy Test

Additional information


Pure Blue


X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, 2X-Large


300 mm / 12 inches

Cuff Thickness

0.09 mm / 4 mils

Palm Thickness

0.11 mm / 4 mils

Finger Thickness

0.16mm /6 mils


Gloves Specification

Glove Sizes

SKU: 156-6 - Small
SKU: 156-7 - Medium
SKU: 156-8 - Large
SKU: 156-9 - X-Large
SKU: 156-0 - 2X-Large
Nitrile Plus Extended - mmNitrile Plus Extended - in/mils
 Length: 300 mm12 in
 Cuff thickness: 0.09 mm3 mils
 Palm thickness: 0.11mm4 mils
 Finger thickness: 0.18mm6 mils
Nitrile Plus ExtendedNitrile Plus Extended
 Tensile Strength
Before aging (MPa): min. 26 min. 26
After aging (MPa): min. 33 min. 33
Before aging (%) 675 675
After aging (%)600 600

#156 Nitrile Plus X-Tend Spec Sheet