Uniseal® BIO-NIT® – Biodegradeable Nitrile Exam Powder-Free Gloves


UniSeal’s BIO-NIT® Biodegradable Nitrile Exam Gloves are Uniseal’s latest green initiatives in helping to sustain our environment. BIO-NIT® is comprised of an organic additive used to accelerate the biodegradation rate of the gloves in biologically active landfill and anaerobic digesters. Proven through ASTM DD5526 and ASTM D5511 testing standards, the BIO-NIT® is an end-of-life solution to nitrile gloves.

  • 200 Gloves per Box
  • 10 Boxes per Case

Special Features:

  • Medical-Grade Soft Nitrile
  • Violet Blue Color
  • 4 mil thickness for better protection against punctures, rips and certain chemicals
  • Excellent tactile sensitivity and comfortable fit
  • Superior strength and durability
  • Better chemical barrier than latex gloves
  • Dated Lot Codes for quality assurance and traceability
  • Tested for use with certain Chemotherapy Drugs

Benefits of BIO-NIT ®:

  • Proven to biodegrade based on ASTM D5526
  • Better ASTM D5511 biodegradation performance compared to to other industry players
  • Maintains glove properties and shelf life as standard nitrile gloves, proven by real-time shelf life test
  • Viable solution for proper glove disposal
  • Enhances your company’s environmental and green efforts

Additional information




Violet Blue


X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large


240 mm / 9.5 inches

Cuff Thickness

0.06 mm / 2 mils

Palm Thickness

0.07 mm / 3 mils

Finger Thickness

0.10 mm / 4 mils

Gloves Specification

Glove Sizes

SKU: 422-6 - Small
SKU: 422-7 - Medium
SKU: 422-8 - Large
SKU: 422-9 - Extra Large
SKU: 422-0 - XXL
BIO-NIT® (mm) BIO-NIT® (in/mils)
 Length:  240 mm  9.5 in
 Cuff thickness:  0.06  2 mils
 Palm thickness :  0.07  3 mils
 Finger thickness:  0.10  4 mils
 Tensile Strength
      Before aging (MPa):  min. 18  min. 18
      After aging (MPa):  min. 16  min. 16
      Before aging (%)  min. 500  500
      After aging (%)  min. 400  400

#422 BIO-NIT Spec Sheet



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